Racing canoe

Racing Canoe is an Olympic and Asian game sport in which Canada dominates. This is a unique water sport with the thrills of a race and the pleasure of paddling through calm water. There are many clubs in Canada which focus on learning this sport. Yes racing canoe is a serious sport and sometimes referred to as flat water race. There are short range and long range race categories. The most famous races in Canada are: Yukon 1000 – This racing canoe expedition is the longest canoe and kayak race in the world. The distance to be covered in this expedition is 1600 km. Endurance and long distance paddling skills are required to compete in this race. Mental and physical strength are required as the Yukon River is rough and tough, one drawback is all your belongings might get wet. Strong gusts of wind can make the race all that much harder but the feeling after accomplishing the expedition is phenomenal. The Teams are tracked using track devices given to the participants. The race is held every even year and it is coming in July, 2016. Yukon 360 – This race is a bit shorter than the Yukon 1000 but is still 360 Km long. The race is generally on the Nusutlin River which is a shorter river which flows into Teslin Lake for the last 10 Km of the race. Although shorter this race also tests endurance and physical strength, though not as much as Yukon 1000. Canadian Sprint Canoe Kayak Championships – This is the ultimate in Kayaking and canoeing. The 2016 race stars from August 30 and ends on September 4. Professional kayakers from all over Canada participate in the annual event. Canoe and Kayak races are popular all over the world and you can find many other championships taking place but we feel the Canadian options offer the most exciting and challenging experiences which will certainly keep the adrenalin flowing.

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