Guided cultural canoe tours

Guided cultural canoe tours are a must if are visiting Canada. These tours will help you have a peek at the 2000 year old history of the aboriginals of North America. There are many locations for guided cultural canoe tours. Some of the most popular ones are: Paint Creek Canoe tour – This tour takes you through the beautiful Paint creek and lasts for almost 5 hours. The tour starts just north of Seip Earthworks. The distance to the huge geometric earthworks built by American Indians 2000 years ago is almost 8 miles and takes 4 hours of paddling. The schedule for this guided tour is out every spring. So make sure you book in advance. Paddle to the Northern Sky – This is one of the most exciting of the guided cultural canoe tours. The tour includes canoeing on the fur trade river and visits to the native Cree villages. The tour begins at the Missinaibi River. The downstream paddle is a real Canadian experience. There is no other way of transportation for 40 miles ensuring your trip with Paddle to the Northern Sky takes in all the natural and cultural surroundings. On the trip you have the option to get aboard the Polar Express to James Bay which is the largest estuary in the world. This tour closes with an experience of the native frontier villages and of early settlers history. Voyageur Days Tour – This tour will take you back in time when canoe was the only means of transportation in Canada. Choose a birch canoe and paddle up the Saugeen River to the site of Saugeen’s first amphitheater. You will be able to explore the waters of Lake Huron while learning about the history associated with the route. The tour continues with a paddle around Chantry Island soaking in the history and the marvelous landscape.

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