About Me

Canoeing for me has been something I have done most of my life, from a small child with my grandfather, through to trips with family and friends whilst I was in my teens and at university and fortunately for me my wife is also a canoeist. Canoe trips are very much part of our life; in fact going back along my paternal line there is a history with the First People. I am very proud of my Canadian heritage but I am afraid canoeing and kayaking are the only connection I have with the First Nation peoples today. Maybe one day I will know more. My job as a guide allows me to visit all over Canada and I have been lucky enough to have been to some of the most wonderful places here and some pretty spectacular canoeing. I wanted to try something new this year and decided on blogging, and the subject matter was easy, it just has to be canoeing and kayaking. So I am inviting you along on some ‘dry’ canoe trips to some of the best sites you can find. I will look at gentle trips and wilderness trips; some of the races and the excitement of winter canoeing. Please feel free to join in with tips and experiences.

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